GlascockĀ Stove HistorianĀ / Collector

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Even if your Glascock product is NOT for sale, I'd like to hear what you have THANKS!



Wood & Coal Stoves,
Heaters, Cast Iron Pots, Skillets,
Old Catalogs, Literature, Advertising, Etc.
made by
Glascock Foundries
in Greensboro, NC.

Some of the Common Glascock Model Names:
Black Bird, Blue Ridge, Carbon Banner, Carolina,
Carolina Beauty, Carolina Globe, Carolina Hot Blast,
Carolina Oak, Carolina Pride, Carolina Queen, Cavalier, Charter, Cheerful, Giant, Victor, Victor Gem, Victor Junior, Paramount, Piedmont, Plymouth, Tar Heel etc.

Buying Glascock products in ANY condition!!

Also interested in items made by
Eagle Foundry in Greensboro, NC &
 Victor Stove Works in High Point NC.

I'm buying back part of my families past!!
Yes I'm a Collector of Glascock products, But I'm also
always willing to discuss any Glascock Products
even if it's not for sale.

You may contact me via email or slow mail.  

If contacting me about a certain Glascock product,


or mail* to:
Glascock Stove Historian
P. O. Box 38
Ennice, NC 28623-0038

*If contacting via Mail, please include a SASE for reply, THANKS

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